Music for Mondays: “Kind of Brave” Kat Quinn

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you’ve all had the BEST Christmas and are gearing up for 2014!

It’s the odd time of year isn’t it? Christmas came and was over before we knew it and we’re still in that luxuriously lazy season of eating the left over cheese, Christmas ham and chocolate (but not all at the same time…..hmmm). 2014 is just around the corner so shake off the mound of Quality Street wrappers, fill up your glasses and get ready to welcome in an exciting new year!


Today’s “Music for Mondays” track is from Massachusetts born & New York City dwelling singer/songwriter Kat Quinn. Aptly entitled “Kind of Brave,” it’s the perfect song for sitting down with a cup of tea and writing down your New Years resolutions and plans for the year ahead. Make sure you add this happy holiday song to your playlist next year! Kat is ridiculously talented and has a stunning voice so keep an eye out for her 2014! She’s already appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show this year on “Battle of the Instant Songwriter” and her new EP “Kind of Brave” is available to download on iTunes. At £3.16/$3.96 it’s such a bargain! 3 quid! 3 bucks! It’s a no brainer! It’s an emotive, beautifully written & recorded EP. If you are a big fan of The Staves and Ingrid Michaelson you’ll love this!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m not one for making big sweeping commitments for New Years; I usually fail and they end up broken very quickly! But I do set goals; I try to build good habits and do and be better than last year. To be less selfish and to notice those around me more; and to be braver too. So grab hold of those you love, look forward and jump feet first into 2014. So whatever your plans; be brave, be daring and try new things!

Happy New Year from Sing for your Supper! See you next year!

Love Heidi

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2 thoughts on “Music for Mondays: “Kind of Brave” Kat Quinn

  1. Oooh love her voice. She’s very cool! Can’t believe you guys are off. Guess it will be a while before I see you both. Have so much fun!

    • heidifisher says:

      She’s my new favourite find! We’re so
      Excited! We’re actually in Dublin the 2nd wk in feb, maybe we can meet up for a coffee? X

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